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Restaurants in Gdansk

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The city of Gdansk attracts visitors with the beauty of its historical and cultural heritage. What you need after an arduous sight-seeing session in this wonderful city, is a fine restaurant, where you can fuel your body, refresh yourself and enjoy the delicious cuisine. Gdansk’s restaurants will not disappoint even the most sophisticated palates. Our restaurant directory will help you to make a good choice and stay in a perfect mood for the rest of the day!

Pierogarnia u Dzika

Pierogarnia u Dzika GdanskAddress: Piwna 59/60
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3052676
Cuisine: Polish

The restaurant specializes in Pierogi (a kind of filled dumplings), a traditional Polish dish. It offers 15 types of pierogi prepared according to the traditional recipes. There are also traditional Polish soups, meat and fish dishes and a wide selection of French and Bulgarian wines.

Czerwone Drzwi

Address: Piwna 52/53
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3015764
Opening Hours: 10am till the last guest
Cuisine: European

This cosy and tastefully furnished restaurant is conveniently located in the Old Town, close to St. Mary’s Basilica. It offers a varied menu. Stylish décor, candlelight and life piano music in the evening contribute to the romantic and nostalgic ambience of this place.

Gdanska Restaurant

Gdanska RestaurantAddress: Ducha 16/24
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3057671
Cuisine: traditional Polish, local

The restaurant is located in the Old Town, in close proximity to St. Mary’s Church. It comprises five elegant rooms with a truly splendid interior in the Baroque style. It offers an excellent selection of sophisticated dishes and relaxing and refined ambience.

Kuchnia Rosyjska Restaurant

russian gdanskAddress: Dlugi Targ 11
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3012735
Opening hours: 11am-11pm
Cuisine: Russian

The restaurant is located at the Old Town's main thoroughfare. It features a osy and folksy interior with traditional Russian designs. The restaurant serves delicious Russian dishes, which should be complemented by the original Russian beer. In the summer you can sit outside and enjoy the charming view over the historical merchant houses.

Barylka Restaurant

barylka gdanskAddress: Dlugie Pobrzeze 24
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3014938
Cuisine: traditional Polish

The restaurant is a charming place located on the waterfront and overlooking the river Motlawa. In the summer you can sit outside on the terrace. The interior is elegantly decorated and each room is done up in a different style. The restaurant specializes in the traditional Polish cuisine. There is also a separate children’s and vegetarian menu.

Elephant Club Restaurant

Elephant GdanskAddress: Dlugi Targ 41/42
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3051355
Cuisine: European

The restaurant is attractively located at the heart of the Old Town. It features a stylish, modern décor and upbeat atmosphere. It holds regular concerts of jazz music. It offers a wide selection of European cuisine.

Euro Restaurant

Address: Dluga 79/80
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3052383
Cuisine: traditional Polish

This is one of the oldest restaurants in the Tri-City, featuring warm and elegant setting in the Rococo style. It boasts a long tradition of delicious meals and excellent service, offering a fine selection of traditional Polish dishes and the best world’s wines.

Goldwasser Restaurant

Address: Dlugie Pobrzeze 22
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 301 88 78
Cuisine: Polish, European

The ivy-clad restaurant with a wonderful historic feel is located at the heart of the Old Town, close to the historic Crane. The restaurant offers both Polish and European menu, which changes with the seasons. It also offers Gdansk's famed liqueur, which is served with genuine gold flakes, hence the name of the place. Apart from the restaurant, the historical building houses an elegant guest house.

Kreska Restaurant

Address: Ducha 2
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3000594
Cuisine: International

The modern restaurant is decked out in orange hues. It features an upbeat décor, but in the evening, in the candlelight it becomes more romantic and cosy. It offers an original menu and a fine selection of drinks.

Mex Bar Cactus

Address: Dluga 18/21
Location: Gdansk
Phone: +48 (58) 3220045
Cuisine: Mexican

The restaurant features a brightly coloured, Mexico-themed interior. It offers genuinely spicy Mexican dishes, informal atmosphere and good service.

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Map of Gdansk

Map of Gdansk

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