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Going by Bus and Trolley Bus in Gdansk

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The Tri-City has a well-developed bus connections network offering a variety of routes. There are two types of buses: the regular ones, numbered from 100 to 200, calling at all the bus stops and the express ones, identified by means of a letter or a number over 200, not calling at all the bus stops. There are also night buses which operate between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. They can be distingushed by their number in Gdansk (from N 1 to N10) and in Gdynia (the number exceeding 400). As for the night buses, the fares are higher.

All the night bus lines meet at the Main Railway Station in Gdansk (Gdansk Dworzec Glowny PKP) and at Konstytucji Square (Plac Konstytucji) in Gdynia.

Going by tram

tram GdanskTrams operate only in Gdansk. Thus, for sightseeing the other two cities it is advisable to use the SKM services or to take a bus. Each tram stop displays the routes and the timetables.

The frequency varies depending on the time of day (more frequent during rush hours) or day of the week (less frequent at weekends, during summer and public holidays).

Going by trolley bus

Trolley buses operate in the two other Tri-City cities: Gdynia and Sopot. One can distinguish them by their number from 20 to 30. The ticket and other regulations are similar to those on buses.

NOTE: BEWARE of pickpockets while using the public transport!

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Map of Gdansk

Map of Gdansk

Gdansk Map | Map of Gdansk Poland

Plan your trip with our interactive Gdansk Map section. Major routes through and around Gdansk city.

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