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Taxi Corporations in Gdansk

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Unlike some European cities where taxis are notorious for taking advantage of tourists, the marked taxis in Torun are well regulated, honest, affordable and reliable.But beware of unmarked private taxis near the railway station and certain hotels, which are unreliable and overcharge. The private taxis are in the minority in Torun and it is easy to distinguish between them and the reliable radio dispatched ones: Marked radio taxis have signs on the roof and markings on the side with the telephone number and the name of the company clearly visible. Many of the companies have a toll free phone number. Some of the most reliable Torun taxis are listed below:
Taxi in Gdansk Gdynia SopotIn Gdansk:
Hallo Taxi 91 97
Escort 96 24
City Plus Hallo Taxi 91 93
Milano 96 27
Taxi Plus 96 25
Super Halo Taxi 91 91

In Gdynia:
NonStop Taxi Radio 91 99

In Sopot:
Taxi Service 91 94
Sopot Taxi 551 02 70
Hallo Taxi 96 22
The best idea is either to take a taxi operated by one of the taxi corporations from a taxi rank or order one on the phone. Their names and telephone numbers are usually displayed on the car. The corporations usually do not charge any extra money for this online order call. Some even offer a 20 % to 30 % discounts on online taxi calls. The rate per kilometre depends on the distance and the time of day and week. The fare is higher after 10 p.m., on Sundays and on public holidays.


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