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Gdynia as a Tourist Spot

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Though Gdynia is a relatively modern city, it is still an attractive tourist destination. Its major tourist attractions are as as follows:
The ORP Blyskawica Destroyer and the Dar Pomorza Tall Ship are two museum ships anchored at the Gdynia seaport. The former served in the Polish Navy during World War II and was the only Polish Navy ship awarded with the Virtuti Militari medal. The latter, formerly called Prinzess Eitel Friedric, was meant as a German training ship. However, in 1929 the Polish Pomerania community purchased the ship for the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia. Thus, the ship was named Dar Pomorza (the Gift of Pomerania). She was to be used as a training ship, but not only. In the 1970s and 1980s the Dar Pomorza became one of the most popular tall ships in the world thanks to her successes in several Operation Sail and Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races. In 1982 the Dar Pomorza was replaced by another training ship called the Dar Mlodziezy and since 1983 she has been preserved as a museum ship.

The Gdynia seaport with the Southern Pier (Molo Poludniowe) and the modernist Sea Terminal (Dworzec Morski) where the world-famous Polish transatlantic liners used to anchor. Nowadays the passenger cruisers from all over the world can be admired here. Moreover, the Southern Pier is also regarded as the most favourite promenade of the Gdynia inhabitants. There are also sailing clubs, the Oceanographic Museum and the Sea Aquarium here. At the furthest end of the Pier one can see a monument dedicated to a Polish-born British world-famous nautical novelist, Joseph Conrad Korzeniowski
10 Lutego Street with Kosciuszki Square (Skwer Kosciuszki), is well-known for two reasons. Firstly, it was primarily meant as the city's main street. Secondly, it leads to the Southern Pier - one of the city's major tourist attractions. As for Plac Kosciuszki, it is the main square of Gdynia with a picturesque fountain as a centrepiece surrounded by brilliantly-coloured flowers in bloom from early spring till late autumn. In the middle of the square
there is a memorial plaque dedicated to the Polish Seamen who lost their lives during World War II.
The square is lined with luxurious houses dating back to the 1930s which are also worth taking note of.

Musical Theatre (Teatr Muzyczny), picturesquely situated at the foot of  Kamienna Gora, is a popular tourist destination not only for the reason that it is Gdynia's major entertainment venue. Its architectural design is equally attractive as well and the Musical Theatre is regarded as one of Gdynia's most  significant buildings of the 1970s. Moreover, the Theatre is renowned for the world-famous musical performances. It also hosts the annual Polish Feature Film Festival.
The major commercial street is Swietojanska Street lined up with elegant shops, trendy cafes and restaurants. The modernist houses dating back to the 1930s (mainly No. 68 and No. 122) add charm to it.  Worth seeing as nowadays Swietojanska Street is regarded as one of the most beautiful commercial streets in Poland.

There is another street of Gdynia worth mentioning here as it is interwoven with the recent history of both the city and Poland. It is Janka Wisniewskiego Street named after a fictitious worker portrayed in Andrzej Wajda's movie ''Man of Iron'' to commemorate the Gdynia Shipyard workers killed in the demonstrations of 1970.

As for recent history events, there is one more significant historic monument not to be missed on the tour of Gdynia. It is a monument dedicated to the Victims of the December 1970 Events in Gdynia. It is to commemorate the Gdynia Shipyard Workers who, to show solidarity with striking workers at the Gdansk Shipyard, went on strike. Fearing sabotage, the government ordered the army to fire on those workers who decided to come back to work. Consequently, hundreds of shipyard workers were shot dead.

Gdynia is also known as a host of the Heineken Open'er Festival which is considered to be one of the most important contemporary music festivals in Poland. Every year it attracts fans of hip-hop, rock and electronic music.

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