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The Historic Port of Gdynia

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Gdynia, a part of the Tri-City conurbation, used to be a small fishing village. From the 14th to the 18th centuries it belonged to the Cistercian Order in Oliwa. However, it was not always a part of Poland. From 1309 to 1466 Gdynia was conquered by the Teutonic Order. Then, till the First Partition, it was a part of the Kingdom of Poland. However, not for long. In the centuries to follow Gdynia was first a part of the Kingdom of Prussia (1772-1870) and then a part of the German Empire (1870-1920). Under the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 Gdynia became part of the new Republic of Poland, whereas Gdansk and Sopot were incorporated into the newly established Free City of Gdansk.

Soon afterwards the Polish government decided to make Gdynia a major seaport. The erection of the provisional port commenced in 1921 and the year 1923 saw the completion of its construction as a small harbour with a 550-metre pier and a wooden tide breaker. It was mainly used by the navy and fishermen.The port was constructed first, whereas the city of Gdynia was built later. It was in 1926 that Gdynia was granted its city rights. During World War II, the city known as Gotenhafen, bacame the most important German naval base. In 1945 nearly the whole shipyard equipment and buildings were damaged by the withdrawing German troops. Fortunately, despite extensive war damage, Gdynia promptly recovered and nowadays it is the third largest port of Poland.

After the war Gdynia became reunited with the neighbouring cities of Sopot and Gdansk. Six years later the city was renowned as the largest and most modern Baltic seaport and as the tenth biggest seaport in Europe. Nowadays Gdynia is a thriving port city and boasts the largest shipyard in Poland. Though the city does not abound in historical buildings, Gdynia is still attractive as it is famous for the best restaurants in the area of the Tri-City.


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