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Top Sights of the Gdansk Old Town

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Heading east from the Main City is the Old Town, where both historic and modern buildings can be found nowadays. Situated along the Radunia Canal built in 1338, this part of Gdansk used to be the energy supply base for the whole industry of the city. Worth a look is the Great Mill erected by the Teutonic Knights regarded as the largest civil construction in Gdansk. The Mill is also renowned as the largest industrial plant in the medieval Europe. It was in operation till 1945. Nowadays it is a shopping centre, however, some parts of the mill construction can still be seen.

The Old Town Hall (Ratusz Starego Miasta), the former headquarters of the Council of Gdansk, is also worth a visit as it is regarded as a gem of Mannerism. Nowadays the edifice is a cultural centre of the Tri-City as it houses the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre.

St. Bridget's Church (Kosciol sw. Brygidy) mostly renowned as a place of worship for the Solidarity leaders during the martial law period and as the site of a monument dedicated to Jerzy Popieluszko, the Solidarity priest and the martyr of Communism.

St. Catherine's ChurchSt. Catherine's Church (Kosciol sw. Katarzyny) is the oldest and the most important of all the parish churches of Gdansk. Till 1945 the church abounded in Gothic, Mannerist and Baroque works of art. Nowadays of note are: the well-conserved gothic-vaulted interior, the paintings by Anton Moller and Isaac van den Blocke and the gravestone of Johann Hevelius, the world-famous astronomer of Gdansk. The tower houses a 49-bell carillon which chimes various tunes on the hour. The church houses the Church Tower Clock Museum.

Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers GdanskIn the Old Town one of the most famous Tri-City memorials is situated. It is the 42-metre steel Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers (Pomnik Poleglych Stoczniowcow). Designed by shipyard workers and artists, it was made by the Gdansk Shipyard. The monument consisting of three crosses commemorates those who were shot dead by the Communists during the strike and riots in December 1970.


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