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Arriving in Gdansk by Rail

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If you arrive by train, you will arrive at the Main Railway Station (Gdansk Glowny). Another railway station in the area which is equally busy is Gdynia Glowna-Osobowa Railway Station (in Gdynia). Nearly all international and domestic trains heading for the Tri-City call at both stations.

Here in the main hall you can have a snack in one of the buffets and bars, change money at the currency exchange office, do some shopping in a variety of retail outlets. There is also a train information desk.

There are four types of trains: EuroCity, InterCity, express trains, fast trains and slow trains. You can travel in the first class or in the second class carriages. For longer trips it is advisable to choose the first class as they are less crowded and more comfortable. As for the EuroCity, InterCity and express trains reservations are required.

Train GdanskLocal trains are usually the slowest ones as they stop at each station and are usually crowded, especially at rush hours. Fast trains (marked red on the arrivals and departures board) are faster and more comfortable though a bit more expensive. The most comfortable though the most expensive are EuroCity, InterCity and express trains. They stop only at major cities and are the fastest. So for long distances they are the most convenient ones. However, you pay for a ticket and a reserved seat on these trains.

The easiest way to get to the Tri-City from the majority of European capitals is to take an InterCity train from Warsaw or an express one from one of the major Polish cities. However, if travelling during the high season or at weekends, it is advisable to buy the ticket on arrival or come to the ticket office 30 minutes prior to the departure to avoid queues. Moreover, for the trains marked with the R letter, a reservation is required.

For passengers planning to travel in Poland the ‘’Polrailpasses’’ are available. You can get them for 8,15,21 or 30 days. They can be bought mainly from the railway ticket offices and travel agencies in Poland. Children who are under four years of age travel free, however, those aged between 4 and 10 pay half fare.

Tickets can be bought at the railway stations. However, they should be bought before embarking on the train. Otherwise, you will be fined. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, it is advisable to look for the ticket inspector in the first passenger carriage as soon as you get on the train. However, bear in mind the fact that the ticket will cost more as you pay the fare plus PLN 2.80 (up to 100 km) or PLN 5.80 (more than 100 km). Discounts are offered to students under 26, however, only to Polish citizens.

Complete train timetable is available in English at:

Telephone information services in the Tri-City area: 94 36 and in Gdansk Wrzeszcz 328 13 73

BEWARE of pickpockets at the station and on the train, especially during the rush hour!

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Map of Gdansk

Map of Gdansk

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