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Bridge over the River Vistula in Gdansk

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A new 70-meter bridge is being constructed to improve access to the port of Gdansk.  In the Pomeranian province a new bridge is to be built over the Vistula River to improve the railway transportation to the Baltic port of Gdańsk.

The new bridge will replace the swing one that is one hundred years old. The swing bridge was lifted up almost half a century ago for the last time when passenger ships used to sail from the port of Gdańsk to Warsaw.

Now the swing bridge is really in a very bad shape. That’s why a number of cargo trains going from across Poland to the port of Gdańsk is limited.
No wonder the Polish government decided that the new, modern, 70 meters long bridge, with railways on it, should replace the old swing one.

“The investment, worth 65 million euros, was placed on the priority list”, said Karol G³±bka, the spokesman in the Ministry of the Maritime Economy.


The investment is to be co-financed by the EU fund. The new bridge will be put into operation in 2010. Both the managers of the Baltic port of Gdańsk and residents of the area of the Vistula River look forward to the new investment, which is very urgent.

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