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St Dominic's Fair

st_dominic_fairs.St Dominic’s Fair is the largest trade and cultural outdoor event in Poland and one of the largest such events in Europe. The contemporary form of St Dominic’s Fair recalls the Medieval tradition of fun and trade. Every August, over 1000 merchants, artists, artisans and collectors put up their stalls in the historical city centre.

Over its 23 days, the Fair is the scene of numerous cultural events, including:

- Amber Day, Sports Day, Folklore Day,Bread Day
- the Carillon, Shakespearean, Brass Band, Folk, a Folk Festivals
- rock, classical music and pop music concerts
- sports events
- exhibitions at Gdańsk museums and galleries
- presentation of twinned and Hanseatic cities
- chivalry tournaments
- games and contests for the public and the participants of the Fair
- theatre productions
- parades and pageants
- fireworks displays.

Deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness as an extraordinarily attractive event, every year St Dominic’s Fair attracts numerous tourists to Gdańsk from all over Poland, as well as from abroad. Every day, the Fair is visited by an average of 70,000 people, whose number usually doubles at weekends.

St. Dominic's Fair is the largest open-air commercial and cultural event in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.
Saint Dominic's Fair has enjoyed 740 years of tradition; it was established by the decree of Pope Alexander IV in the year 1260.
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