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Carillon Festival in Gdansk

The Carillon Festival is a perfectly unique musical event in Poland, as Gdańsk is the only Polish city to have these two precious instruments: carillon in Main City Town Hall and the concert bell set in St Catherine’s. The festival is another example of the city reviving its ancient traditions. Its programs are mostly made up of solo performances. The repertoire provides a cross-section of exquisite masterpieces from carillon-music literature, ranking from Baroque pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach to the 20th century compositions by Arthur Rubinstein. The prominent virtuosos of carillon such as Netherland masters Carl van Eyndhoven, Gert Oldenbeuving and Joost van Balkom and popular Gdańsk carillonist - Małgorzata Fiebig-Drzewiecka, play on Gdańsk instruments. It is worth remembering that the city of Gdańsk was in 2006 the organizer of the 15th World Carillon Congress. It was a rare occasion to present a native culture of Gdańsk, Pomerania and Poland. The carillon congresses take place every second year. It was the first undertaking of this type in Poland. Among the invited guests there were: a great Dutch carillonist of a young generation, Jasper Stam and two Polish carillonists - Katarzyna Piastowska and Monika Kazmierczak. The young artists will play six concerts. At 4:00 p.m. the concert on the carillon of the Main City Town Hall, and at 6:00 p.m. on the carillon of St Catherine’s Church.

place: Main City Town Hall, St Catherine’s Church
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