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Vilnius Fair

Vilnius in the centre of Gdańsk is a presentation of Lithuanian culture and crafts: fair, concerts, competitions and traditional delicacies of Vilnius Tavern. The Holiday of Craft attracts the most active and the most original folk artists and representatives of traditional craft from entire Lithuania. Also carpenters show their skills, who present various woodworks including vessels, trays, furniture; the best blacksmiths from the central Lithuania, who present the achievements of a Lithuanian blacksmith industry and the products useful in a household such as: pokers, pliers, fences. The potters will show clay toys, pots and other kitchen utensils. The knitters and weavers will present precisely made linen products such as tableclothes, napkins, colourful belts. The glaziers – with vases, stained glass windows and glass vessels, and the leather-workers with bags, belts and other leather products. The most famous wine and beer experts will judge the recipes and delicateness of taste of products. They will also offer drinks produced according to the ancient recipes. The butchers will offer Lithuanian kindziuk, sausages and hams of a unique taste, the bakers – black Lithuanian bread and cracknels, and the cooks will prepare the dishes of a national Lithuanian cuisine. Everyone can try to prepare Lithuanian delicacies. One of the main attraction is scrambled eggs dish made from 1000 of eggs. You can also taste yeast cakes baked on fire. A wooden tavern “Marceliukes kletis” will open its doors, where everyone can have a tasty meal and can quench their thirst with a Lithuanian beer. Children will have an occasion to taste typical Lithuanian cracknels. Moreover, folk bands and folk groups from Vilnius region will entertain the audience.

date: 4th – 6th September
place: Main City

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